September 19, 2014 • read

A Recipe for Success

I sat down with Adam Kreek, gold medal Olympian and highly sought after public speaker, earlier this week and we unearthed a Recipe for Successful health behaviour change.

Adam, who is also one of CMHF’s champions, is a man who knows how to overcome challenge and plan for and achieve success.

Adam and I agree that to face challenge, we often need to begin by changing or creating behaviour.

This resonated with the research we have been doing at CMHF’s on triggering behaviour change starting with small steps.  Time is scarce and getting and staying healthy can be a huge challenge for men. Adam shared with me a model of behaviour change theory created by Dr. BJ Fogg of Stanford University, and we love his common sense approach.

So here’s the science

Dr. BJ Fogg claims, three elements must converge at the same moment for behaviour to occur: Motivation, Ability and Trigger. If even one of these three elements is missing the behaviour will not occur.

What does this mean for you?

If it sounds like I am taking sound bites from Inception, bare with me. Dr. Fogg’s theory can help men distinguish what is hindering their ability to create behaviour.

Adam’s common sense approach is easy for not-for-profit groups, such as the CMHF to understand and use when designing, implementing and analyzing men’s health initiatives.

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