With Hockey season around the corner and six months of beer drinking, pub food lovin’, Sportsnet goodness coming up, we thought we would talk to Jim Hughson about how he stays trim for Hockey Season.

Here is what he had to say:

Find your fitness focus
“I run the NHL. I run in every NHL city I am in.”

Treats in Moderation
“Skip the bread that comes before the menu arrives, have one piece of pizza late at night instead of the whole damn pie and leave dessert for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Change things up
“I run a half hour on a busy day, bust out a half marathon on a day off, or—just to change things up—a short run then bike for a while.” 

Walk / Run your Errands
“At home, I run to the bank – especially for deposits – and park further rather than closer.” 

Nobody knows watching hockey like the voice of Hockey Nights in Canada. So, it was a natural choice to ask Jim to share his health tips for enjoying the upcoming season, with the play-offs in mind. Check out Jim’s full article