A Guy'sGuide to EatingHealthy

Make healthy eating easier with simple dietitian tips, food facts, and recipes made for men.

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Need a Reason to Eat Healthier?

When you have a lot on your plate, eating healthier might feel like an impossible task. Start small with the simple tips in this guide to feel better, improve your health and much more.

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  • Benefits of eating healthier
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Reviewed and supported by TELUS Health MyCareTM Registered Dietitian Caitlin Boudreau, CMHF Champion and Chef Ned Bell, Diabetes Canada and Windset Farms®.

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hOw to make eating Healthy easier

with Toby Hargrave, Caitlin Boudreau and guest host Buzz Bishop

No need to overhaul your diet, stop snacking, or say goodbye to what you love in order to eat healthier. Registered Dietitian Caitlin Boudreau shares with comedian Toby Hargrave and guest host Buzz Bishop how small changes can have big impacts.

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Get PERSONAL Nutrition Advice

CMHF and TELUS Health MyCareTM want to help men eat healthier and feel better. Get expert advice from a registered dietitian, from the comfort of your home.

What to expect in a dietitian session. Read article

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