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Join us in June for the launch of the Don’t Change Much Podcast to hear Canada’s top influencers, world-class athletes and health experts discuss mental and physical health and provide simple lifestyle tips to help men and their families take action for better well-being.

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What is the Don’t Change Much Podcast?

The Don’t Change Much Podcast is all about improving men’s mental and physical health, and conversations that raise awareness, educate, and provide simple lifestyle tips to help men and their families take action for better well-being.

Each episode, host Dan Murphy is joined by some of Canada’s top influencers, world-class athletes and subject matter experts who share their lived experiences and insights for better mental and physical health.

Hosted by Dan Murphy

Moderator Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is a sports broadcaster with Rogers Sportsnet, who has hosted Vancouver Canucks TV broadcasts for over 20 years and works as a reporter on NHL Sportsnet and Hockey Night in Canada. He is co-author of the book Journeyman with Sean Pronger.

Dan has long been an advocate of men’s mental and physical health, helping build awareness and dedicating coverage to worthwhile causes throughout his career. Dan and his wife Christy, daughter Marlowe and dogs Peach and Cosmos live in North Vancouver.


Move Your Body for Your Mind with Trevor Linden & Dr. Jennifer Heisz
We all know about the physical benefits of exercise, but how does it benefit our mental health? What’s the connection and why don’t more of us make it a priority?

In this episode, host Dan Murphy talks to former NHL player and executive Trevor Linden and Professor and Neuroscientist Dr. Jennifer Heisz about the importance of exercise and how it positively affects their own mental health.

From strengthening our resiliency to improving social connections to reducing anxiety, episode one offers the encouragement we all need to exercise and improve our mental health.

Fatherhood & Positive Mentorship with Kelly Hrudey & Dr. David Kuhl
Episode 2 features a conversation with Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster and former NHL goaltender Kelly Hrudey & UBC Professor and Blueprint co-founder Dr. David Kuhl with host Dan Murphy.

The most powerful and formative relationship in a child’s life is the one they share with their parents. Yet the importance of a father’s role in a child’s development lacks research, guidance and even awareness.

Dr. Kuhl’s clinical and anecdotal evidence emphasizes the importance of fatherhood and draws a connection to the personal experiences of all three men. They discuss relationships with their own fathers, applying that experience now and reinforce the value of connecting with their own kids.

Facing Anxiety with Dallas Smith & TC Carling

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns, yet most men don’t talk about it or ask for help.

Joined by country music superstar, Dallas Smith and Canadian Men’s Health Foundation President & CEO, TC Carling, host Dan Murphy speaks to both men about their personal experiences with anxiety and depression.

This open, honest conversation reminds us that anxiety and mental health challenges can affect anyone, including those who are thriving in other aspects of their lives. Listen as both men discuss their own process of discovery, what they now know and the effective tools and resources they use to take control of their mental health.

Our Guests

guest trevor linden

Trevor Linden

Former NHL player and Executive

Trevor Linden is a former NHL player and executive, and current co-owner of Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness. Trevor is also a CMHF National Champion, supporting the Foundation and well-being of men and their families.

guest dr jennifer heiz

Dr. Jennifer J. Heisz

Expert in brain health and Associate Professor

Dr. Jennifer Heisz is an expert in brain health and an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University. Dr. Heisz directs the NeuroFit Lab at McMaster, which has attracted over $1 million to support her research program on the effects of exercise on brain health.

guest kelly hrudey

Kelly Hrudey

Former NHL Goaltender

Kelly Hrudey is an award-winning sports analyst, who enjoyed a 15-year career as an NHL goaltender. A familiar face on Sportsnet and CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada over the past two decades Kelly recently became a CMHF National Champion to further his passion for raising awareness about the challenges of mental health.

guest dr.david kuhl

Dr. David Kuhl

M.D., PhD. and Co-founder of Blueprint

Dr. David Kuhl is a UBC professor in the Faculty of Medicine & co-founder of Blueprint: a non-profit that strives to impact society by improving men’s well-being and enhancing their positive contribution to communities.

guest dallas smith

Dallas Smith

Country Music Superstar

Dallas Smith is an award-winning country music superstar, and founder of the Lifted Dallas Smith Charitable Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to ensuring mental health services are available to anyone and everyone in need.

guest tc carling

TC Carling

President & CEO of Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

TC Carling is the President & CEO of Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, and past Vice-Chair of Anxiety Canada’s Board of Directors. With over 30 years of lived experience with anxiety, TC has been an advocate for mental health awareness and the development of resources to help men and families improve their mental and physical well-being.

guest john herman

John Herdman

Head Coach of Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team

John Herdman is Head Coach of Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team. He led Canada to qualify for the 2022 World Cup for the first time in 36 years and improved the country’s FIFA ranking from 72nd to 33rd, its highest ever. Head Coach of Canada’s Women’s National Team from 2011-18, Herdman lead the team to back-to-back bronze medals at the Olympic Games and gold at the Pan American Games. Mental health and the power of the mind are a focal point for Herdman, equally as important as physical training to overall team success.

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