How to Get to a Healthy Weight, One Day at a Time

Over the course of seven CFL seasons, Kyle Koch followed a steady schedule each week: Workout, practice, snap a ball, block like a boss, repeat. So when that routine went away after he retired in 2014, it’s hardly surprising the former offensive lineman saw his weight spike. Within a few months,...

Why Sugarcoat It?

The Canadian Men's Health Foundation through its participation in the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada was proud to support the following initiative. Click on the link below to read the full press release....

Men’s Health by the Numbers

Men’s Health by the Numbers

9 Years Men’s health expectancy, which is freedom from disabilities, illness and functional dependence, is only 65 years on average. So there are on average 9 years at the end of a man’s life where one is sick, physically and/or mentally. 4X Canadian men are four times more likely to commit...

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