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Find out what you’re most at risk for, and how to start taking control of your health today…because small changes can have a big impact.

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Anonymous, confidential, backed by medical experts

Men’s Health Check helps predict your future health by evaluating your physical stats, lifestyle and family history.

In 10 minutes, you’ll learn your risk level for the 8 most common health conditions affecting Canadian men with a free, personalized report.

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Heart Attack

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Type 2 Diabetes

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Prostate Cancer

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Colorectal Cancer

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Low Testosterone

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Erectile Dysfunction

Join over 115,000 men who have taken Men’s Health Check across Canada.

  • One risk report for 8 health conditions
  • Free, confidential and anonymous
  • Backed by medical experts
  • Completed online in 10 minutes or less
There were some reminders that I need to be more on top of — especially when you get into family history.
Manny Malhotra

Coach & Former NHL Player

The Men’s Health Check survey questions helped raise my self-awareness about where my health is at and where it could be.

Riaz Meghji

Author and Human Connection Keynote Speaker

Excellent and appropriate questions. I like the common-sense prevention suggestions. Thank you for a brief reality check.

Men's Health Check User

June 2022

Take Control of Your Health Today

Early detection can save lives. Know what signs to look for, when to get screened, and simple tips to reduce your risk.
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Men’s Health Conditions

Know the signs, treatment and prevention for the most common men’s health conditions.

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Men’s Health Checklist

Learn what tests you need for your age and how often to get screened.

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Simple Men’s Health Tips

Discover simple men’s health tips for small changes that can have a big impact.