Men’s Health Check

The first online health awareness tool for men.

Built for men, it’s completely free, confidential, and helps you take control of your health.

With busy lives and a lot on the go taking care of your health can quickly get bumped down to the bottom of your to-do list.

Here’s the good news, in under 10 minutes, the first online tool of its kind will help you avoid health issues ranging from erectile dysfunction to type 2 diabetes. Our Men’s Health Check tool shows you your risk level for the top 8 most common health conditions in men.

Built for men, it’s completely free, confidential, and helps you take control of your health.

Small step = big benefits

Men’s Health Check will help you:

  • Know where you stand health-wise.
  • Know where to start your journey towards better health.
  • Know which small changes will have the biggest impact.

And you know what they say: Knowledge is power!

Developed by medical doctors and built specifically for men, the Men’s Health Check tool is based on scientific evidence and is completely anonymous. It will provide you with a free report showing if you’re at risk for any of the 8 most common men’s health diseases and conditions and what your risk level is. It also includes a health screening schedule so you can see what needs to be checked and when.

Why you should think twice about your health

We know that 70 percent of Canadian men have 2 or more unhealthy habits, and 80 percent are stressed. That means many men are on track for getting chronic diseases and living a lower quality of life.

Here’s something you may not know; 30 percent of Canadian men’s chronic health conditions are genetic. This means the remaining 70 percent are caused by lifestyle. So you can feel better and live longer by changing unhealthy habits and lowering stress levels.

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Take control of your health

Using the Men’s Health Check tool isn’t like going to see the doctor. For one thing, you don’t need a particular reason to use Men’s Health Check. For another, you don’t need an appointment—it takes around 10 minutes to run through the health questionnaire, and you can do it wherever and whenever you want.

Men’s Health Check provides a picture of your current health, free of charge.

So what are you waiting for?