Mindfit Toolkit

Sound advice for mental wellness.

Learn how to cope with stress and anxiety better with the MindFit Toolkit. Made for men with the help of psychologists and elite athletes.

Inspiring Men to Live Healthier

We know that 72% of Canadian men have unhealthy habits, putting them at risk for chronic conditions and diseases. We provide easy tips and useful tools to help guys and their families make small changes that greatly impact their health.

Small Changes, Big Impact

Look and feel healthier—one small change at a time. It all starts with tips that are easy, fun, and motivating. Change, but don’t change much!

Are You at Risk for Any Health Concerns?

Get a quick snapshot of your current and future health with our online health check tool for men. It’s free with no strings attached.

With Your Support

We are making a difference in men’s health. Guys listen to us, and we have proof that our tips and resources create healthy change.


Improved their eating habits


Drank less alcohol


Increased their exercise, sports, or physical activity


Lost weight


Reduced their stress level