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Help support Canadian men to live healthier in a global crisis. Digital services are important now more than ever.

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

Our mission is to inspire Canadian men to live healthier. We know that 72% of Canadian men have two or more unhealthy habits. We provide straightforward tips and helpful tools so guys can make small changes that have a big impact on their health.

Men’s Health Resources

Don’t Change Much

Don’t Change Much is a proven health resource inspiring men and their families to live healthier. With reliable information and easy tips, we know every guy and their family can make small changes that will have a big impact on their health.


YouCheck is the world’s first online health assessment built specifically for men. It’s free and 100% confidential.

Support Men to Live Healthy

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is a registered national charity. We rely on support from donors to help with our mission: inspiring men to live healthier lives. Your contribution will further men’s health programming, tool development, and research.

Allan Laplante

The small change that started it all: healthy ‘chain-reaction’ helps this Canadian dad to turn his life around

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