More men have died from COVID-19 and it may be due to higher rates of preventable chronic diseases.

Emerging data indicate that COVID-19 is hitting men hard, suggesting the higher mortality rate is due to preventable chronic diseases. We need to keep tracking the data while empowering men to make lifestyle changes.

We’ve got to be there for Canadian men who need us most.

Today is GivingTuesdayNow – a global day of giving and unity as an emergency response to COVID-19. Due to unprecedented need, Canadian men and their families are rallying together to show support for one another and the non-profit causes they hold dear.

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During these uncertain times, Giving Tuesday reminds us how the power of generosity can change the lives of millions of fellow Canadian men who need your help. When you make a special gift today, you help us serve the community during this crisis and continue to be there for the people at most risk.