May 14, 2014 • read

Why Are Our Men Disappearing?

We discovered the 6 top reasons why our men aren’t valuing their health

1. Learned Helplessness

Childish compromises and naïve beliefs

“I guess I eat my way through my emotions. I’ve taken the approach – screw it. I don’t care about myself so I’m going to order what I like.”
– Male, 37

2. Denial of Vulnerability
Achieving status and youthful power

“When I think about health I think about doing anything I want.
I can have sex three times a day because nothing can slow me down.”
– Male, 42

3. Suppression
Survival & acceptance in a competitive culture

“Acting like a man is doing whatever you need to do to survive. As long as your family is happy, then you need to sacrifice.”
– Male, 31

4. Controlled Intervention
Confronting reality and radical control

“After my sister had an aneurism I started getting tested and went on a really strict diet. I managed to lose 30 pounds but I couldn’t maintain it.”
– Male, 31

5. Balanced Care
Balancing soft skills  & protective habits

“What’s most important is making sure your family gets into a healthy routine with their lifestyle and food habits. That’s what came from my dad and that’s what I want to pass down to my family.”
– Male, 41

6. Delegation
Sharing responsibility- Traditional safety net of female and family care

“Before my wife I’d never thought of diet or exercise as a fun thing that keeps the family together. At first it was forced on me, but now I like it.”
– Male, 38

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