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Men’s Health Works Tackles Workplace Wellness

The Cancer Prevention Centre claims that Canadian men spend a good portion of their day at work and yet the majority of employees engaged in workplace-wellness programs are women.

Helping to draw attention to men’s health promotions, the Cancer Prevention Centre and the BC Healthy Living Alliance is presenting a free one-day workshop, called Men’s Health Works, to discuss new ideas and strategies to help men get healthy at work. This one-day seminar taking place on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 will bring together community members, policy makers and others who promote health and wellness in various male dominated industries throughout BC.

Order of Canada recipient and founder of Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) and the Vancouver Prostate Centre, Dr. Larry Goldenberg will offer the keynote speech at Men’s Health Works. As well, presenting on digital marketing strategies in men’s health promotion and the latest game-changing campaign, Don’t Change Much, is our very own Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at CMHF, Sam Omidi.

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BC Alliance for Healthy Living, along with colleagues from the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention at UBC, hosted the workshop series, Men’s Health Works to share BC’s successes and challenges in reaching out to men.

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