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Introducing Buzz Bishop and the Parenting with Anxiety Session

Buzz Bishop

With dads being such an important part of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation audience, the decision to add Buzz Bishop, broadcaster, father of 2, and wellness advocate, as a Champion was a natural fit.

Buzz is a three-time Guinness World Record holder. The first record was for being part of the largest group of men to have a PSA test for prostate cancer. The second was for being in the crowd throwing the most teddy bears on the ice at a hockey game. And the third? Find out in this “Fast Facts” Q&A:

Q: Why is men’s health important to you?

A: I think we take things for granted, us guys. Women are put into a routine of regular checkups from an early age, while men just cruise along. However, once you reach a certain age, the warranties expire, and you can’t just ignore them.

I want to inspire more men to talk about their health with their peers, pay attention when things aren’t going the way they should (or used to), and stop procrastinating when something needs to get checked. From mental health to exercise, we can do a better job of supporting each other to look after ourselves.

Q: What can viewers expect from your upcoming “Parenting with Anxiety” event set to premiere on June 16?

A: I can’t wait to talk to Kelly (Hrudey) and his daughter on this topic. My youngest son deals with anxiety in his life, and I have had many moments of self-doubt myself. The pandemic has thrown many unknowns into our lives. I’m looking forward to hearing about how Kelly and his family rise above them.

Don’t miss Parenting with Anxiety, a virtual event hosted by Buzz in conversation with Kelly Hrudey, Kaitlin Jones, and Dr. Robert Selles on June 16, 2021. Sign up now at no cost to you!

Q: You have a Guinness World Record for the Longest Game of Netball. What was it like to win that record, and what did it teach you about getting more active?

A: Netball is a game played mainly by women in Commonwealth countries—there’s even a pro league in Australia! A net is placed on a pole on each end of the court like basketball without a backboard. Players can only move in certain zones, and you are limited to one step once you catch a pass. It’s a tight and competitive game, and I was thrilled to have been invited to play for the record by Martin Parnell.

Martin once ran 250 marathons in a year to raise $250,000 for Right to Play and set a goal the next year to break world records while raising money. His whole mission is to inspire people to be active and achieve their greatness.

It was a fantastic experience, and while setting a Guinness World Record was a thrill, I think anyone can use “breaking a record” as motivation. Whether it’s running a faster 5k or setting a new “personal best” for the most blocks walked, any healthy achievement is worthy of celebration. Small changes can make a big difference!

Make Your Move Pledge for Your Mental Health

Get Active

We all know it’s good for us. The uncertainty, the health safety concerns, and the lockdowns have been challenging for everyone. Stress and anxiety levels have increased while Canadians are learning to cope with our new reality. Getting active is a healthy outlet. Make your move pledge and get involved in a good cause.

Q: As a busy husband and dad, what is a struggle you’ve faced in the last year when it comes to taking care of your health? What advice can you share with men who are experiencing the same kind of struggle?

A: I’ve spent a lot of time at home with the same three other people. We have been very tight in our bubble, and while I’m grateful to have a healthy family, it’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day.

To escape, I grab my AirPods and go for a long walk through a nearby forest or plugin on my Peloton for a hard ride. It’s been a grind, but finding time for myself away from everyone else has been important to keeping healthy, active, and refreshed.

Q: In the nineties, during your years as a young broadcaster, what was the most memorable interview you did, and what was one stand-out moment you remember from it? 

A: I was lucky to work at a top radio station during an amazing era of pop music. Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, Puff Daddy, Gwen Stefani, the Spice Girls, Savage Garden, Alanis, Robbie Williams, and more either visited the studio or called in.

My favourite, however, was a 20-minute chat with Janet Jackson as she rolled around the city, picking up her dancers before heading to a rehearsal. She was cheerful, candid, flirtatious, and perfect.

You can check out Buzz’s radio shows by tuning in to Mornings with Heather and Buzz on XL 103 in Calgary or to weekend shows on Z95-3 in Vancouver. You’ll see his outgoing, adventurous, and engaging personality shine through. No wonder his popular DadCAMP blog has built such a strong network of dads sharing stories and supporting each other.

Register now and attend the Parenting with Anxiety virtual event hosted by Buzz in conversation with Kelly Hrudey, Kaitlin Jones, and Dr. Robert Selles on June 16, 2021.

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