April 10, 2015 • read

CMHF Acknowledged at Men’s Health Summit

This past November 2014, founder of Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF), Dr. Larry Goldenberg spoke at the inaugural Men’s Health Summit in Detroit, Michigan.

The summit brought together some of the most respected international medical professionals to expand ways to support men’s health initiatives. Attendees shared their experiences with successful initiatives that are already meeting the needs to build awareness and improvement of men’s health.

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation was acknowledged for taking a unique approach to shift perception and better address men’s health issues.

Improving standards of care by mobilizing a nationwide movement around men’s health with a “hub and spoke” model, CMHF serves as a common hub for association, agency and government to work together to enhance understanding about men’s health.

Dr. Larry Goldenberg explained how the foundation’s campaign “Don’t Change Much” captures men’s attention in a humorous way, gets them talking, and encourages men to know about their health and make small changes to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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