April 8, 2015 • read

A Warm Welcome to Dr. Kuhl

It is with great pleasure that we announce Dr. David Kuhl has joined the Vancouver Prostate Centre’s Supportive Care Program and the Department of Urologic Science’s Men’s Health Initiative as a consultant in men’s psychological well-being.

With over 15 years of palliative care experience, Dr. Kuhl has combined his interests in medicine and psychology to develop meaningful programs that meet the needs of our society. Dr. Kuhl was involved in designing and developing the palliative care program at St. Paul’s Hospital. He developed a program at the Centre for Practitioner Renewal that includes service, education and research to sustain health care providers in the work place. As well, Dr. Kuhl has worked with men who have served in the Canadian Military in developing a program to assist them with the transition back to living in the civilian world.

We are encouraged by Dr.Kuhl’s experience working with the military and other segments of our society. It is clear that his learning can be applied to men with prostate cancer as well as to many other health aspects of men’s lives. Congratulations Dr. Kuhl and welcome to the team!



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