March 24, 2016 • read

Federal budget funding commits to improve health of Canadian men

Yesterday’s Federal budget committed funding of “$4 million over four years to help promote lifestyle and behavioural changes for Canadian men” through the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF).

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, through its campaign called Don’t Change Much, is focused on inspiring men across Canada to live longer, healthier lives. Statistics show that Canadian men are in poor health. They are 79 per cent more likely than women to die from heart disease, 57 per cent more likely to die from diabetes, and account for 82 per cent of alcohol related deaths, yet 70 per cent of men’s health conditions and diseases are preventable. Economic modeling conducted by H. Kreuger & Associates Inc. shows the total economic burden attributable to just the four risk factors of smoking, excess weight, physical inactivity and alcohol use in Canadian males to be $36.9 billion per year.

“CMHF envisions a country where men are acutely aware of their health risks and Canadian society values men as the final piece of the family health puzzle”. “We can prevent up to 70 per cent of men’s chronic health problems without adding another dollar, doctor or hospital to the health care system through health initiatives directed at men”, says Dr. Larry Goldenberg, a national men’s health advocate and Chair of the CMHF. “This funding commitment will be a significant step toward bringing more attention to men’s health and I applaud the Government of Canada on funding health lifestyle promotion.”

“The results from our ‘Don’t Change Much’ lifestyle campaign show that Canadian men and their families are more motivated when armed with health information and lifestyle programs and support”, says Wayne Hartrick, President the CMHF. “Our campaign is enabling men to hear, absorb and act on the idea that small lifestyle changes can have significant, long term health benefits description.”

The CMHF sees this funding as an opportunity to engage Canadians from coast to coast to coast in improving men’s health now and for future generations. The CMHF thanks the Honourable Jane Philpott, the Minister of Health, and all Parliamentarians for their support.

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