Canadian Men’s Health Week 

June 12 – 18, 2017

Join Canadians from coast to coast to coast in the goal of improving men’s and family health in Canada.

Canadians believe they’re a pretty healthy nation. But weirdly, Canadian guys aren’t that healthy.  It’s not because of genetics; it’s a result of lifestyle.

In 2014 when the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation launched nationally in Canada we knew the statistics about the state of men’s health in Canada, and the picture those statistics painted was not too flattering for Canadian men.

Here’s a snapshot of some statistics:

Canadian men are:

  • 57% more likely to die from diabetes
  • 79% more likely to die from heart disease
  • 29% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer and 40% more likely to die as a result
  • 54% more likely to die from kidney disorders
  • More than twice as likely to die from liver disease
  • 3 times more likely to commit suicide
  • 67% are overweight or obese

From these statistics we realized that the health of men on a personal, family and workplace level required a concerted effort of not one organization, but many pieces – from individuals, to other healthcare organizations, to private industry and government at all levels – to recognize the state of men’s health and its impact on Canadian society.

And that is why we have Canadian Men’s Health Week.  To shine a light on men’s health.  To work with other organizations and people, connecting the dots across Canada to improve the state of men’s and family health across our great nation.

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Canadian Men’s Health Week, June 13th – 19th, 2016

A huge thank you to all the 1000’s of people and organizations that contributed to the success of the 3rd Annual Canadian Men’s Health Week.

The campaign is a nation-wide call to action to men, those who love them, those who employ them, and the government to rally together to improve men’s health in Canada. The 3rd annual Canadian Men’s Health Week was held June 13th to 19th, 2016. Learn more at:

Top 5 Reasons Why Men’s Health Week Matters:

  • Men are the missing piece of the family health puzzle.
  • No one organization can solve the puzzle alone – collaboration is key.
  • Statistics prove men’s health needs to change.
  • Men’s health Week is growing around the world: Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Britain, USA and now Canada.
  • Provides your organization with a directed communications strategy for men in the month of June, with a Father’s Day tie-in.


Men’s Health Week, June 15th – 21st, 2015

The second annual Canadian Men’s Health Week ran from June 15th-21st. This first-ever digital campaign at called on men to make a one-click health pledge. The campaign was a success with over 56,000 health pledges taken, and we all took a big step towards creating a social movement for men to live healthier, happier lives by embracing small changes.

CMHF also partnered with great organizations like Rexall and GiveGolf for Men’s Health to provide an Ultimate Father’s Day Getaway and $1000 Cash.

Men’s Health Works, April 14th, 2015

Dr. Larry Goldenberg, Order of Canada recipient and founder of CMHF and Vancouver Prostate Centre, presented the keynote speech at a one-day workshop dedicated to research, programs and policies that improve physical and mental well being, and decrease the risk of chronic disease among men.

Following Dr. Goldenberg’s keynote speech, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at CMHF, Sam Omidi, lead an in-depth breakout session on digital marketing strategies of the latest game changing campaign by CMHF, Don’t Change Much.

Hosted by The Cancer Prevention Centre (CCS-UBC) and the BC Healthy Living Alliance, this workshop brought together representatives for health and wellness in various male dominated industries and organizations throughout BC, including government reps, policy-makers and researchers. They will also be presenting their current project, a workplace wellness program for men in northern and remote regions and for First Nations communities.

The workshop took place on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver, BC.

Champions Breakfast, May 2014

Last May, we gathered some of our National Champions together over breakfast to talk men’s health. With 3 Olympic medals, 2 Grey Cups, 20 years of NHL experience, and 20 years of culinary experience between them, it was, you know, just your typical Tuesday morning breakfast…

Stand Up for Men’s Health, June 12th, 2014

Ever thought about stand up paddle boarding from Vancouver to Victoria? Ya, us neither, but our National Champion Simon Whitfield and 10 other athletes attempted just that. On June 12th, 2014, Simon and his group embarked on the epic 3-day journey in order to raise awareness for men’s health.

Thanks to the support of Duracell, the group left from English Bay in Vancouver, crossed the Salish Sea and weaved their way through the gulf islands, dodging whales and seals along the way.

All went according to plan, through 100 miles of unpredictable conditions. In fact, the group arrived safely in Victoria a few hours early and just in time for Father’s Day, June 15th, 2014, to celebrate their journey, and men everywhere.

For more information on Simon and the paddlers, check out the blog or posts on Twitter at #SUP4MH.

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