April 28, 2014 • read

What is the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation?

Welcome to our brand new national non-profit foundation, the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation. We are here to bring awareness and support to the issues of men’s health in Canada because we believe that the world would be a better place if more men lived longer, more active and healthier lives.

So what will we “do”? To make it simple we put together the top 5 things you should know about CMHF:

  1. We’re about men. We love women too (of course), but there is a big gap in resources for men’s health that needs attention. Men die younger than women and live 10 years of poor health, most of it avoidable. However, simple changes in men’s behaviour would solve many of the health issues they face.
  2. We aren’t doctors. Well, some of us are (our founder, Dr. Larry Goldenberg, is a urologic surgeon and clinical scientist with an international reputation for excellence in prostate cancer research and treatment), but our goal isn’t to deliver medical advice or diagnose men. We work with great partners and health organizations to ensure we are sharing the latest and most accurate information with you and will point you in the right direction to find out more about a particular health condition.
  3. Health is head to toe. We have five core areas of focus that we feel are the places that men can make the most impactful changes to their health – nutrition, activity, sleep, mental wellness and social habits. Each of these areas is a piece of the overall health picture for a man, and we’ll be sure to share tips and information on each of them.
  4. Tell us we’re lousy. Or tell us we’re awesome. Bottom line is we want feedback and to hear from you about what information you’d like to see, what issues are coming up for you, and how you think we might all be able to get more men to value their health. Our goal is to start a conversation and provide information that men are truly able to hear and absorb – it might take a while to get it right, and we’ll need a little help.
  5. We’ll never tell you to eat kale chips. Does anyone actually like those? Well maybe they do, but we aren’t ever going to suggest that you have to eat a vegan diet and live at the gym in order to be healthy. We know that major health improvements can be made through small changes, and we’ll focus on sharing realistic suggestions that you can incorporate into your daily life – without you having to eat kale.

So now you know us (that was easy). We’ve got an exciting few months ahead as we launch and we’ll share it all right here.

We have some awesome well-loved Canadian men on board to introduce you to who will help us spread our message (hint: you’ll know them), and are standing up for men’s health by taking on a pretty hard-core expedition in June.

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