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Share Your Health Story and Inspire Other Guys

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is committed to inspiring men to live healthier lives.

We are looking for guys willing to share their health stories to help us motivate more guys to get started on a path to better health.

We know how personal your health is. And we know that sharing your personal story is as gutsy as spending time with your girlfriend’s parents alone for the first time.

Have you made small changes in your eating habits, activity level or other lifestyles? Your story, whether small or big, could be a big boost to other guys who haven’t started.

You can help us help other men! How? We would like to blog about your story.

CMHF creates national campaigns throughout the year to build awareness of men’s health issues, change attitudes and then change behaviours to inspire men to live healthier lives. The campaign, ‘Don’t Change Much’ is built around the concept that small steps become habit, and habit becomes a healthier lifestyle.

DontChangeMuch.ca is where guys go to get healthy. ‘Don’t Change Much’ provides tips, information and resources for men to assess their health risks, and take concrete steps to improve their health.

 We want to know what small steps you took to get healthier.

Are you drinking more water?

Are you getting more sleep?

Are you eating more fruit and vegetables?

Are you cutting back on drinking sugary drinks like pop or concentrated juice?

Are you doing more physical activity?

Do you want to share your story and photos?

By responding you are not agreeing to go ahead, only to having a chat with me by email or on the phone, whichever works best for you. We will not publish any materials without your approval. 

Thank you for considering to share your health journey.

Jehn Benoit
PR Manager, Canadian Men’s Health Foundation
[email protected]


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