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Testicle Check-Up: How to Do a Self-Exam

Testicle Check-Up: How to Do a Self-Exam

Balls. Nuts. Sack. While there are plenty of nicknames for our hormone-and sperm-producing sex organs, how many guys actually know anything about testicle health? For instance, did you know that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men younger than age 35?...

Hits to the Head, a Nod to your Noggin

How to get checked for traumatic brain injury Most of the concern around traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, used to focus on the obvious: skull fractures, brain bleeding, and patients slipping into coma. But after some high-profile concussion lawsuits in professional...

Know Your Nuts!

Try to think of a physical like a multi-point inspection at the mechanic. It’s just due diligence, plain and simple. If the mechanic tells you a belt needs tightening, it’s better than blowing the entire engine, right? If you’ve never had a physical, that’s OK!...