The Rick Blight Leadership in Action Scholarship for Athletes

The Rick Blight Scholarship recognizes athletes who demonstrate leadership in sports and an ongoing investment in mental wellness as individuals, for their team, or their community.

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About Rick Blight

Born in Manitoba in 1955, Rick Blight had a long career as an exceptional athlete, selected by the Vancouver Canucks 10th overall in the 1st round of the 1975 NHL draft.

Rick experienced both highs and lows over his career, as often is the case with high-performance athletes. He was a top scorer for the Canucks during his first three years in the NHL, leading the team in scoring in the ’76-’77 season. Rick played in the NHL for another three years before travelling to Switzerland to continue his career in the minors after a knee injury.

Rick retired from professional hockey in 1983 and began a career as a stockbroker before moving back to Manitoba to manage his family’s tractor/implement business. He was a prominent and well-liked businessman in the community. Rick never gave up his love of sports and excelled in both curling and golf. He also continued his involvement in hockey, coaching his son’s teams for a number of years.

In 2005 at the age of 49, Rick died by suicide, leaving his wife, children and 4 grandchildren to cherish his memory. He was very proud of his children’s accomplishments; his son is now a high school teacher, and his daughter is a registered nurse.

2023 Recipients

  • Amelia Bailey - London, ON
  • Marcus Hanger - Burnaby, BC
  • Camden Daigle - Stratford, ON
  • Kaden Johns - Saskatoon, SK
  • Sarah Loewen - Coquitlam, BC
  • Kaylee Perry - Portage la Prairie, MB
  • Sydney Robertson - Hamilton, ON
  • Maggie Slessor - Sturgeon Country, AB

About the Scholarship

The Rick Blight Leadership in Action Scholarship for Athletes was created in tribute to Rick’s life to recognize the presence of mental wellness in athletics.

Applicants can demonstrate efforts to promote mental wellness by:
  • Seeing a mental health professional
  • Encouraging peers to reach out when in need
  • Supporting emotionally sustaining community activities
  • Supporting anti-stigma efforts
  • Attending community events which promote mental wellness


To be eligible for the scholarship all applicants must meet the following criteria.


Canadian students aged 16-21



Show a commitment to mental wellness as individuals, for their team, or their community.



Demonstrates a dedication to sports and athleticism

Scholarships Available

Six scholarships valued at $1000

Two scholarships valued at $500