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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Canada

A recent report published by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer says prostate cancer treatment varies widely in Canada. In an interview for CBC News, Dr. Larry Goldenberg Founder of Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and Director at Vancouver’s Prostate Centre, discusses the data and why he believes we’ve come a long way in treating prostate cancer.

According to the report, 50% of men, and 75% in one province, are not being aggressively treated. “That’s huge compared to when I started in this business 30 years ago, when just about every man received treatment,” says Dr. Goldenberg.

When prostate cancer is considered low-risk, Active Surveillance is becoming the preferred approach. It means watching the cancer for a number of years and exploring treatment if it seems to change.

Dr. Goldenberg explains that the challenge in prostate cancer treatment is learning how to differentiate between high and low risk. “We’re not perfect, we’re getting there, we’re getting better, and the research is really coming along.”

Watch the interview on CBC News here:


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  1. Roberto

    That was a great video about Canadian treatment of prostate cancer. One supplement that’s available in the USA on but not yet on is Alpha Rise. It’s what has helped my prostate inflamation a lot and I love to take the herbs every day. Night time frequent urination doesn’t happen with me anymore. And my doctor said my chances of getting cancer are much lower. Have you tried it or what’s your experience with it?


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