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Most of Men’s Health Problems are Preventable

Most of Men's Health Problems are Preventable

As recently reported by Globe and Mail Canada – the Conservatives have doubled the size of children’s fitness tax credit and what this could mean for our next generation of men is considerable.

In fact, our president was recently asked about this change and his statement was right on the nose – “Most of men’s health problems are preventable through small lifestyle changes, and generally lifestyle changes made earlier in life will prevent disease later on. The increase in the  Children’s Fitness Tax Credit will allow more young men (and women) to take advantage of exercise and sports, and reinforce the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle as they enter adulthood.”   – Wayne Hartrick, President of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation.

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  1. Ethan Michael

    Early prevention is key guys, prostate cancer is not a joke, my uncle got worried because he thought he had prostate cancer, I am glad the worst was just bph yet he had serious troubles with his prostate, he got prescribed with alpha rise a very good and natural supplement and also with a new diet that includes vegetables, fruits and fish, he is really better now but i want to aware men of prostate cancer.


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