June 2, 2015 • read

Hear the Voice of Hockey Night in Canada’s Men’s Health Week Pledge

Jim Hughson takes the Men's Health Week pledge

Voice of Hockey Night in Canada, Jim Hughson is getting behind Canadian Men’s Health Week, happening the week before Father’s Day, June 15-21, 2015.

In his first-ever Canadian Men’s Health Week selfie video, Jim challenges Canadian men to take the ‘one click’ pledge and embrace simple changes (like taking the stairs instead of the escalator and, yes, eating more broccoli…white broccoli!) that will help them live healthier and happier lives.

CMHF champions take the Canadian Men's Health Week Pledge

Learn more about The Most Important Pledge for Men’s Health in Canada.

Press the SoundCloud play button above to listen to Jim Hughson’s Canadian Men’s Health Week pledge.

Join Jim and thousands of other Canadians; take the ‘one click’ health pledge now.

For more details, visit CanadianMensHealthWeek.ca.

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