Men’s Health Foundation Presents

Men’s Health Week

June 15 – 21, 2020

Recognize a Dad this Father’s Day. It’s easy! Donate in his name to show your support for men’s health, and we’ll send him a Father’s Day eCard from you.

If not for dad, donate for men’s health. We can really use your support now.


As a registered national charity, you will receive a tax receipt, and your generous support will help us further our reach and impact. We know that Canadian guys can lower their risk for chronic diseases and live with less stress. We can help! For instance, our recent study showed that men using Don’t Change Much adopt healthier habits.

Our recent study highlighted that men using Don’t Change Much:

  • Changed their diet or improved eating habits 75% 75%
  • Made an effort to sit less and walk more 58% 58%
  • Increased their exercise, sports or physical activity 70% 70%
  • Lost weight 46% 46%
  • Drank less alcohol 45% 45%
You can make a real difference by helping us support the men you care about. Donate today!
Mens Health Week 2020 Fathers

Fatherly Love Flourishing

Our new studies reveal a COVID-19 silver lining: dads feel closer to their kids and will be more engaged as fathers in the future.

Make a donation to send dad an eCard!

Why a Men’s Health Week?

Support men to live healthy

For the last six years, Canadian Men’s Health Week has invited one and all to inspire men and their families to live healthier. Of course, there is one enormous difference this year: COVID-19. That’s why we’re celebrating the millions of dads across the country who are guiding their loved ones through the pandemic. Good thing Men’s Health Week culminates on Father’s Day!

On that inspiring note,

it’s time to show your support and get involved

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is a registered national charity. We rely on support from donors to help with our mission: inspiring men to live healthier. Your contribution will further men’s health research and programming, so we can help all the men you care about.

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