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ON 1st province to introduce “Men's Health Awareness Week”

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation looks to inspire Ontario men to think more about their health ahead of Father’s Day
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TORONTO, ON (February 24, 2016) — Today, men’s health in Ontario got a boost with the introduction of a Private Member’s Bill to designate the week before Fathers’ Day as Men’s Health Awareness Week.

Arthur Potts, the Liberal member for Beaches-East York was joined by Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) Champion, Olympic gold medalist and London’s own Adam Kreek, in introducing the Men’s Health Awareness Week Act, 2016, in the Ontario Legislature. This Private Member’s Bill, when passed, recognizes the one week in June – the week immediately preceding Father’s Day – as Men’s Health Awareness Week across the province. This Act will make Ontario the first province in Canada to recognize men’s health as an important piece of the family health puzzle.

“I am delighted to introduce this Bill in support of the CMHF and numerous other agencies supporting men, as it reinforces the importance of men taking stock of their lifestyle choices to better their physical, mental and spiritual health. We should do this for our own well-being and to be better partners, fathers, sons, brothers and friends to those we love.”

MPP Arthur Potts (Beaches – East York)

 “Ontario men believe they are pretty healthy, when in fact, they often are not. Many health issues such as some cancers, heart disease and diabetes are preventable with simple lifestyle changes. With the help of MPP Potts, the passage of this Act will be a significant step forward in bringing more attention to men’s health so that everyone can help put in place a missing piece of the family health puzzle.”

Dr. Larry Goldenberg, Order of Canada recipient and Founder, Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

“The results from our ‘Don’t Change Much’ lifestyle campaign shows that Ontario men are responding.  The CMHF approach motivates men and their families with health information and lifestyle programs in such a way that they can truly hear, absorb and act on the idea that small lifestyle changes can have big long term health benefits. With MPP Potts’ Bill recognizing Men’s Health Awareness Week, Father’s Day will be as much about being a healthy dad, as being a good dad.”

Wayne Hartrick, President, Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

Through engaging with the CMHF, MPP Potts sees this initiative as an opportunity to engage Ontario men from across the province and continue improving men’s health now and for future generations.

About Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is a national, non-profit organization focused on inspiring men to live longer, healthier lives. The CMHF is one of the only organizations of its kind to develop a market-based research approach to communicating the importance of male health in a way that men can relate to. The CMHF is focused on promoting the most important lifestyle factors in preventing the onset of health problems.

As the first national charity to focus on changing men’s health behaviours year round, CMHF envisions a nation where men actively care for their health and Canadian society values men as the final piece of the family health puzzle. Through collaboration with government, companies and the healthcare organizations and a new social awareness campaign called “Don’t Change Much”, CMHF motivates men and their families with health information and lifestyle programs in such a way that they can truly hear, absorb and act on it.

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