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Olympian Cassie Campbell-Pascall Lends Her Voice

Women Play an Important Role in Men’s Health Care
Dad teaching son to skateboard and be active outdoors

Vancouver, BC (May 3, 2016) — To bring awareness to men’s health, three-time Olympian and hockey broadcaster Cassie Campbell-Pascall will join the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation’s roster of role models, in an effort to inspire men to live healthier lives and highlight the vital role that women play in men’s health. Cassie joins eight other CMHF Champion spokespeople including Trevor Linden, Simon Whitfield, Adam Kreek, Shea Emry, Alain Vigneault, Jim Hughson, Ned Bell and Brendan Shanahan.

“The fact that Canadian men are 40% more likely to die from cancer and 70% more likely to die from heart disease are scary statistics,” said Campbell-Pascall, whose own father was diagnosed with bladder cancer and has been in remission for two years. “My dad is a cancer survivor.”

“My dad had quit smoking for 14 years and then, bang, cancer. It was a wake-up call for our family, as a whole, to take better care of ourselves and each other. Staying active, eating well and spending time outdoors is important to us,” said Campbell-Pascall, who lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, Brad Pascall, the Assistant General Manager for the Calgary Flames, and their 5-year-old daughter, Brooke.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall
Cassie Campbell-Pascall

“Sometimes men feel they are invincible. As an Olympian and a busy woman, I can relate to that feeling,” added Campbell-Pascall. “It’s no secret, though, that men often learn about health from their wives, girlfriends or moms. And, sometimes, we have to nudge the men in our lives to schedule that medical appointment, eat a little better or just take time to rest. My dad is a great example of how guys can be stubborn at times. Now he doesn’t miss a doctor appointment. My husband and I are getting older and travel a lot for our jobs, so we need to remind each other to take simple steps to stay healthy.”

To put the spotlight on simple ways to stay healthy, Cassie is sharing her ten tips that anybody can act on, as part of, a national campaign and social movement that is motivating men to lead healthier lives. More than 15,000 men across Canada have already signed up to get healthy tips on a weekly basis.

“It’s an honour to be named a Champion by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation. In fact, it’s my go-to site for learning more about men’s health to benefit my own family,” said Campbell-Pascall.

“Women have an important stake in men’s health, which is why we wanted to bring Cassie on board,” said CMHF founding President, Wayne Hartrick. “We asked Cassie to serve as our first female Champion because she is an incredible role model who is committed to her own health and that of her family. Women are often the ones who remind their husbands or partners, fathers and sons to visit the doctor regularly, and this is important when it comes to prevention and early detection. When men are healthy, the whole family benefits.”

Cassie Campbell-Pascall was Captain of Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team and is the only Canadian male or female to serve as Captain of two Olympic Gold Medal winning teams. She currently works for Sportsnet’s coverage of women’s hockey and Rogers Hockey Night in Canada. She also is the Vice Chair on the Board of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League.

Canadians can sign-up for a free weekly e-newsletter filled with great health tips at the website,


About Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation ( is a national, non-profit organization founded by Order of Canada recipient Dr. Larry Goldenberg.  The mission of CMHF is to inspire Canadian men to lead healthier lives through a variety of programs including, where guys go to get healthy and, a health awareness tool built specifically for men.

The CMHF is funded by the Government of British Columbia, the Public Health Agency of Canada, corporate partners and private donors. In March 2016, the Government of Canada committed funding of $4 million over four years to the CMHF – a significant step toward bringing more attention to men’s health. The CMHF has not received funding from any pharmaceutical drug company or drug.

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