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CMHF reports more men address stress, anxiety and depression

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is helping more men tackle chronic stress, anxiety and depression with the MindFit Toolkit, presented by TELUS Health.
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Canadian Men’s Health Foundation reports that more men are addressing stress, anxiety and depression

Use of the MindFit Toolkit supported a 13x increase in counselling services completed at no-cost last year with continued growth expected in 2024

Vancouver, Jan. 18, 2024  – The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is helping more men tackle chronic stress, anxiety and depression with the MindFit Toolkit, presented by TELUS Health. In 2023, the number of virtual counselling sessions completed by men increased by 13 times compared to the same period in 2022 and CMHF expects further expansion this year.

“We are encouraged by the significant increase in men accessing MindFit Toolkit, taking self-assessments and completing counselling appointments,” said TC Carling, CMHF President & CEO. “We continue to expand MindFit Toolkit year-over-year with a goal of reducing stigma, breaking down barriers, and helping more men access help when they need it.”

The MindFit Toolkit is a free online resource that connects men and their families to self-assessment tools, expert advice and virtual counselling. CMHF in collaboration with TELUS Health seeks to help more men and their families access professional mental health support. Men who qualify can access up to three virtual counselling sessions at no cost or at a reduced rate, from the comfort of their own home.

“We’re pleased to continue our collaboration with the CMHF for the third year in a row as both organizations share a common goal of revolutionizing mental health care access in Canada,” said Lindsay Killam, Clinical Director, TELUS Health. “Initiatives like MindFit Toolkit extend a guiding hand to men on their journey to better health, igniting and normalizing conversations about mental health and meeting them where they are comfortable.” 

Men can also register for the upcoming winter session of MindShift Groups for men, a group therapy program hosted in partnership with Anxiety Canada. The virtual eight-week program supports men with mild-to-moderate anxiety, at no cost for those without extended benefits.

MindFit Toolkit includes resources from the Centre for Suicide Prevention and conversations with influential Canadians like Ray Ferraro, Corey Hirsch, John Herdman and Simon Whitfield.

Learn how to access counselling programs and explore free mental health resources from MindFit Toolkit at Join the conversation on social media using #MindFitToolkit. 

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is supported in part by the Province of B.C., the Government of Canada, as well as generous donors and partners.

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