January 4, 2018 • read

Men’s Health: A Global Perspective

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is honoured to have been re-elected to the board of the Global Action On Men’s Health (GAMH) organization.

“To raise awareness for men’s health, not only do we need to connect the dots locally among men’s health advocates, but also internationally.  By being an active member in the GAMH we have the ability to share ideas and learn from other organizations around the world who are actively participating in the men’s health space.”

Wayne Hartrick,

President, CMHF

About the GAMH

Global Action on Men’s Health (GAMH) was established in 2013 and launched during International Men’s Health Week in June 2014. It is a collaborative project that brings together men’s health organisations, and others which share their objectives, in a new global network.


GAMH’s mission is to create a world where all men and boys have the opportunity to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing wherever they live and whatever their backgrounds.

To learn more about the GAMH: http://gamh.org/

To learn more about CMHF: http://menshealthfoundation.ca/

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