June 8, 2017 • read

Federal MPs Launch 2nd Men’s Health Caucus

Federal MPs from all parties met in Ottawa this morning with Canadian Men’s Health Foundation Chariman Dr. Goldenberg, President Wayne Hartrick and Olympic gold medal winner Adam Kreek to launch the second Men’s Health Caucus.

The Men’s Health Caucus is an informal network of federal MPs from all parties supporting men’s health and family wellbeing, and this first meeting was organized by MP Randeep Sarai from Surrey Centre.

Kreek Sarai Goldenberg

MPs receive updates from Canadian Men’s Health Foundation on men’s health issues and will promote the dontchangemuch.ca website and youcheck.ca to their constituents. Canadian Men’s Health Foundation also acts as an information source for the MPs.

“Many men are not looking after their own health,” said Dr. Goldenberg. “Those lifestyle choices account for about 70% of male health problem.”

“With the help of the MPs who attended today, we can help raise awareness of men’s health issues in Canada” said Wayne Hartrick, President of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation. “In our first three years, we have started to impact men’s health and this Men’s Health Caucus can help us all move towards healthier men and healthier families.”

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