Champion — Buzz Bishop

Radio host, dad blogger, and Diabetes Canada advocate

Buzz Bishop is a dad, radio host, blogger, Diabetes Canada champion, and three-time Guinness World Records holder.

Buzz lives in Calgary with his wife and two sons. He currently co-hosts the Mornings with Heather and Buzz on XL 103 in Calgary and hosts weekend shows on Z95-3 in Vancouver.

Created by Buzz as a way to bring dads together socially as their downtime switched from the pub to the playroom, the DadCAMP blog has built a network of connected dads sharing stories and supporting each other.

For the past 15 years, Buzz has been an active member of Diabetes Canada, raising over $100,000 while running marathons among the lions in South Africa and past volcanoes in Iceland. As the Southern Alberta Regional Chair for Diabetes Canada, he’s actively advocating for better support for type 1 diabetes kids in school and all people with diabetes from the government.

Buzz Bishop hiking
Buzz Bishop

What about those Guinness World Records? One was for the longest game of netball, one was being part of the largest group of men to have a PSA test for prostate cancer, and one was for being in the crowd throwing the largest amount of teddy bears on the ice at a hockey game.

When he’s not on the radio (or playing netball), Buzz can be found working out in his basement, golfing, or hiking in the Rocky Mountains with his family.

Buzz’s Health Tip

Guys often try to suck it up, but we need to deal with health issues sooner rather than later. Make an appointment to get that bump looked at, get your full blood work done, and don’t be ashamed to talk to someone if your head isn’t right. A small change today makes a big difference tomorrow.

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