COVID-19 and Men’s Health in Canada

Learn about men's health in Canada and tips for coping with COVID-19

Need some tips for coping with COVID-19? Check out these articles that are written for men in Canada.

Men’s Health Tips for Coping During the Pandemic

COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Really Need to Know

Chances are the amount of information you’ve seen about the COVID-19 vaccine is getting a bit overwhelming. We’ve broken it down to the facts you need to know right now from our expert Dr. Razan Khan, PharmD.

Social distancing

Social Distancing and Physical Distancing: Which is More Important During COVID-19

Whether you call it social distancing, physical distancing, or isolation, it should all mean the same thing: avoid in-person interaction with others. Why is social distancing so important during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Wash your hands with soap for 10-20 seconds

COVID-19 Avoidance Advice from a Virologist with Coronavirus Experience

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation shares some practical prevention advice from a virologist with coronavirus experience.

A Guy’s Guide to COVID-19

Getting to know the pandemic better, and learning how to handle it by making a few small changes to your daily routine, both go a long way.


British Columbia COVID-19 Dashboard

This tool provides the latest information on total cases, hospitalizations, critical care, confirmed deaths, recovered, and total vaccine doses administered in British Columbia.

COVID-19 Situational Awareness Dashboard

This tool provides the latest information on total cases, recovered, deaths, and daily tests performed by province/territory and health region in Canada.