Shea Emry – 2-time Grey Cup Champion

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Shea Emry is a retired Canadian football linebacker who played eight seasons in the Canadian Football League (CFL). He was drafted by the Montreal Alouettes in the first round of the 2008 CFL Draft and would play there for six seasons before signing with the Toronto Argonauts in 2014. Prior to that he played CIS Football at the University of British Columbia after playing three seasons of NCAA Football at Eastern Washington.

As a two-time Grey Cup champion, 2012 Defensive Player of the Year Runner-Up, 2012 Canadian Player of the Year Runner-Up, and six year CFL veteran, All-Star linebacker Shea is now tackling his most momentous challenge yet: bringing awareness to the ways in which men can proactively serve and enhance their quality of life and potential.

After suffering a concussion, which put him out for the remainder of the football season in 2011, Emry found himself battling trials of the past. Negative self-talk, isolation, and an intensifying self-consciousness drew him back into the depressive state he had known as an adolescent; having been the victim of childhood abuse. In early 2012, Emry was inspired to use his platform in professional sport to share his story with youth, inspiring an adventure within for the purpose of understanding their health in order to move forward with confidence and power. Honoring his contribution to the community and landscape of men’s health, he won the Jake Gaudaur Veteran’s Trophy; a distinction appointed to the individual who most exemplifies the values of Canada’s Veterans. The prestigious award was given to him at the Grey Cup’s CFL Players Awards, on behalf of the commissioner and Veterans Affairs Canada, whose mandate is to acknowledge the legacy of those who have contributed to Canada’s development as a nation.

Shea Emry has shared his story and self-care practices with thousands of youth, aspiring athletes, as well as professionals pioneering solutions to health challenges. His mission has led him to many collaborations and ignition platforms such as Bell’s Let’s Talk Campaign, The David Suzuki Foundation, Movember, and the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation.

He is taking his mission of igniting an adventure within through his men’s adventure club called Wellmen: which has been cultivating raw outdoor excursions and brotherhood across the country for 3 years. It’s aim is to create recurring endorphin inducing experiences that rewild men back to nature. By evoking genuine expression, men can forge a path to thrive.