Champion — Jody Vance

Veteran broadcaster and talk show host

Veteran TV and radio broadcaster, and men’s health advocate

A Father’s Health Journey
Episode 8 – October 11, 2022

A Father’s Health Journey

with Jody Vance

It's no secret, men often put their health last on the priority list. What do you do when it's someone you love and there are serious warning signs?

Jody Vance brings wide-ranging depth and breadth on a multitude of topics to her work. A born and raised Vancouverite, Vance built her career in radio and TV in BC, and became a mainstay in the province. In 2000, Toronto came calling and offered an opportunity to make sport broadcast history on the national television scene. Almost a decade later, the ocean called her back home and she returned to BC with her (then) husband and young son.

Jody lived the dream of hosting the Canucks Stanley Cup postgame show “Seeking Stanley” on CBC in 2011 when Vancouver went to game 7 vs. Boston. Shortly after that her career path took a turn out of sports and into News and Current Affairs as host of Breakfast Television Vancouver. For five years viewers watched the evolution to where Vance finds herself now, a broadcaster with a multifaceted career where point-of-view and opinion help shape conversations that impact her community.  

Her work on CKNW as longtime fill-in host has become destination radio, and in 2022 she launched her talk show Steele and Vance on CHEK TV. She’s a Canadian Correspondent for Al Jazeera English bringing stories from Canada to a worldwide audience of almost half a billion viewers. She’s also a regular on SIRIUSXM and Hosts “First Glance with Jody Vance” on Equity.Guru. 

Throughout all of the hard work, behind the scenes Vance provided essential care for her Dad, Bill Vance, for more than a decade. First through stage 4 prostate cancer and then Alzheimer’s. From his first diagnosis Bill asked his journalist daughter to share his journey so that others might learn from him. A lifelong BC teacher, Bill lived to educate. He passed in June of 2021, yet Jody continues to advocate for those struck by the evils of both diseases.

A proud, and fiercely protective mother – Jody also admits to being somewhat of a “crazy dog lady” in the best possible way.

Jody’s Health Tip:

Just start somewhere.