We’re no experts on irony, but it sure seems to apply to the #DontChangeMuch hashtag. Paging Alanis Morissette!

When we asked a select group of social media stars to share their takes on how Canadian men can live healthier lives, the result was truly awesome. The #DontChangeMuch hashtag, which is all about the simple idea of living healthier lives one SMALL step at a time, blew up in a BIG way. Isn’t that ironic? It definitely goes to show how many Canadians relate to the challenges of men’s health.

Here’s a great example from Jonathan Torrens, the TV-star half of the popular “Taggart and Torrens Podcast.” He tweeted that “instead of sugar in your coffee, use maple syrup! It’s not only the Canadian way but it contains beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Works as a sugar substitute in baking too!”

More inspiring tips and wisdom about living healthier came pouring in, with these top 10 posts being our favourites:

Gerry Dee, @gerrydee

Mike Reynolds, @everydaygirldad

Jennifer Valentyne, @jennvalentyne

Mike Holmes Jr, @mike_holmesjr

So why not keep the momentum going by sharing a #DontChangeMuch tip of your own? It’ll take just a few seconds to post, but could change many lives for the better.