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Peking to Paris

for Men’s Mental Health

My son Daniel and I are driving 14,250 kilometres to raise funds for the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

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About The Fundraiser

Supporting Men’s Health

From May 18 to June 23, 2024, my son, Daniel, and I are participating in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. The rally covers 14,250 km across Asia and Europe and is one of the world’s longest and most gruelling classic car rallies. 

We aim to raise $1 million in support of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF). Two brothers from Victoria, BC, Chris and John Beresford, inspired us to do a fundraiser when they took part in 2019 and raised funds for the Arthritis Society Canada. As one of many father and son teams testing our limits and connecting through a shared passion for cars, supporting men’s mental health is as integral to our journey as the rally itself.

Why mental health

The mental health of Canadian adolescents and young men is important to us and something that hits close to home in our personal and professional lives. The reality in Canada is that 12 people die by suicide each day and 3 out of every 4 suicide deaths are by men. That number is shocking.

Anxiety, stress, isolation and depression are a part of life. We want men to know that it’s okay to talk about your struggles and reach out for help. CMHF’s mission is to do just that by providing tools, resources and education to help men understand the importance of taking care of their mental health.

It’s a privilege for us to take this journey but we know there will be times when stress, fear, or the risk of failure will be overwhelming. In those moments we aim to be resourceful and when needed, be ready to ask for help. It’s the same message we want men to hear when it comes to their mental health.

What We’re Driving

About the car we’re driving

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Daniel and car

We’ll be driving a 1962 Austin Cambridge A60. This car is sentimental to me because it’s very similar to the first car I ever owned: a 1960 Austin Cambridge A55 bought for $100 in 1976. Old British cars were inexpensive and easy to work on, which made them popular. The Austin Cambridge was more of an underpowered family sedan, but still fun to drive and easy to maintain.

We both have a healthy amount of anxiety about potential mechanical failures along the way. Our ability to maintain, repair and be resourceful while navigating a foreign environment will test our limits, no matter the number of spare parts we bring.

Ultimately, spending 37 days together, exploring new places and facing challenges is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an opportunity to deepen our connection as father and son.

Track our progress here:

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Your Contribution

How your contribution will help

Help men access mental health services

CMHF, in partnership with TELUS Health and Anxiety Canada, is reducing financial barriers to mental health counselling with MindFit Toolkit. Over 650 counselling sessions have been provided at no cost, and more than 1,000 men have requested appointments.

Prevent serious health conditions

Men’s Health Check is a free online assessment that evaluates risk levels for the 8 most common health conditions, including depression, that affect men. Over 115,000 men have received a personalized report through Men’s Health Check.

Encourage men to move for their mental health

During Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day in June, CMHF promotes the value of moving for your mental health. Last year, approximately 1 million men and families engaged with the Move For Your Mental Health campaign.

Expand men's health awareness and research

CMHF collaborates with health professionals and industry experts to deliver evidence-based research on men’s health. They plan to double their research on men’s physical and mental health in 2024.
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Your support will help CMHF reach more men with tools, resources and information.
You can profoundly impact men’s lives, families, and communities.


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