Support Us At No Cost To You

We get small commissions at no extra cost to you, but we don’t “sell-out.”

As a charitable non-profit organization, yes, money is needed to pay for our staff and expenses. That said, we do not blindly promote products or services because a company has given us money. We try to use marketplace services, such as Amazon, where you can freely shop and choose from various vendors. Whenever possible, we recommend categories of products (e.g. activity trackers) instead of promoting one company (e.g. Fitbit). We will only recommend a specific vendor if we have negotiated better pricing than you can get on your own.

Bottom line: you will pay the same or less by clicking through our posted links, and you will support our cause in doing so.

Our main goal is to support you on your health improvement journey.

In our web and social media content, you’ll find buttons and text links to online retailers. If you click on one of these links and end up buying something from the retailer, our charitable non-profit organization will earn a small commission on your purchase at no extra cost to you. This revenue helps keep us in business. That said, we only mention products or services that we feel could help you with your health improvement journey, such as running shoes to get active or a recipe book to inspire you to cook at home.


Links to any products or services should not be interpreted as an endorsement. We use product or service placements and links on our web and social media sites to inspire you to live healthier. We are suggesting a type of health improvement aid where the actual product or service from a specific vendor may be exceptional, average or poor. It is your discretion as the shopper to make the right decision for you.

Currently, Amazon is our main affiliate partner (online marketplace). The choice of one marketplace over another should not be interpreted as an editorial endorsement. We can’t guarantee that the link we’ve chosen represents the product’s best current price.


This policy and our practices are intended to inspire you to live healthier. Any issues or concerns you experience from purchasing or using any product or service are the vendors/service providers’ and your responsibility. By navigating to any of our web or social media sites, you hereby indemnify and save harmless the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation from any product or service issues, defects, risks with the use of said product or service, or any other concerns experienced with the product or service.