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Ignoring the engine light is one thing, but don’t ignore what your body is telling you!

It sure is tempting to ignore a warning light on your dashboard. For one thing, it could mean you need a costly repair. For another, you might have to check the car’s manual, and you don’t speak or understand Gibberish (or ever read manuals). Plus, that weird grinding sound makes your vehicle seem kind of badass. Eat your heart out, Mad Max!

It’s similarly tempting to brush off warnings from your body. You might think you’re too busy to get sick, saying “Suck it up, Buttercup!” to yourself. A lot of guys ignore signs such as pain, unexplained weight loss and shortness of breath in hopes that they will simply go away. Plus, what do these warning signs even mean? And if you DO see your doctor about something, what are you supposed to ask in order to stay healthy? Well…

That’s where the Men’s Maintenance Guide comes in!

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Download the Men’s Maintenance Guide ebook and get easy health tips as a bonus.

Designed to take the hassle and confusion out of key medical questions guys need to ask health care professionals, the free Men’s Maintenance Guide provides an all-in-one checklist of essential screening tests and vaccinations for men. There’s also a handy list of easy health tips designed to stop warning signs from flaring up in the first place. As the saying goes:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

It’s like a car maintenance manual for your health, except the Men’s Maintenance Guide is only three pages long, doesn’t require you to know the difference between sequential and direct fuel injection, and can play a key role in helping three age groups of men live healthier and enjoy life more. Here’s how:


Just as health evolves with age, the Men’s Maintenance Guide evolves by covering three distinct age groups:

  1. Younger guys have the shortest and simplest checklist: Checking your junk for lumps in the shower, doing a blood-pressure check each year, and so on.
  2. The list grows a bit for guys aged 40-54, as this is when prostate and mental health are top-of-mind.
  3. For guys aged 55-plus the poking and prodding becomes a little more frequent, what with your prostate, colon and chest all needing attention.

It can feel like a lot to keep track of, and the Men’s Maintenance Guide is here to help. Download it now, print it out, and tape it to the inside of your medicine cabinet, gym locker, or anywhere it can serve as a reminder.

However, do NOT tape it next to the oil change reminder sticker on your windshield. Reading and driving do not mix, after all, and getting your MECHANIC to test your airbags is a much better way to go…

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