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June 9th 2014

<MP Name> leads charge to bring first ever Men’s Health Week to <Riding Name>

<MP Name> recognized the beginning of the inaugural Canadian Men’s Health Week, by encouraging men in <his/her> riding to take some small steps to help improve their overall health and wellness.

Canadian Men’s Health Week was initiated by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation(CMHF), and runs from June 9-15th. CMHF has partnered with the Dietitians of Canada (DC), Canadian Medical Association (CMA), and the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to focus attention on men’s health issues and provide some simple steps men can take to feel better, perform better and lead healthier lives.

“Canada would be a better place and Canadian families would be happier if more men lived active, healthier lives,” said <MP Name>. “I am pleased to support the CMHF as they work to motivate men with health information that they can truly hear, absorb and act on.”

<MP Name> noted that the focus on men’s health in particular is driven by startling statistics, which reveal not only that about 70% of the problem is caused by men’s attitude and behaviour around health, not genetics, but that:

  • men are 79% more likely to die of heart disease than women
  • men are 57% more likely to die from diabetes than women
  • 67% of Canadian men are obese
  • males account for 82% of alcohol related deaths
  • men account for 80% of successful suicides

“These statistics are needlessly high, and they are costing our community and Canada as a whole,” said <MP Name>.. “Not only is there a financial impact on the health care system, but when men are unable to fully participate as members of our communities we all lose out.”

CMHF has recently launched the website, where men can go to find simple health tips to easily implement in their daily lives. During Canadian Men’s Health Week the Dietitians of Canada, Canadian Mental Health Association and Canadian Medical Association will also contribute simple tips for men on this site, and help men start making small lifestyle changes.

“I encourage the men in my riding to learn more about what they can do to change – but, not too much,” said <MP Name>.


About Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is a national, non-profit organization founded by Order of Canada recipient Dr. Larry Goldenberg.  The mission of CMHF is to inspire Canadian men to live healthier lives. 70 % of men’s health problems can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles. CMHF will create a new social awareness and motivate men and their families using health information and lifestyle programs in ways they can hear, absorb, and act on.  Funding for CMHF has been provided by private donors, grants from the British Columbia Provincial Government, and Sun Life Financial.