Mindfit Toolkit

Sound advice for mental wellness.

Designed for men by psychologists and elite athletes our barrier-free MindFit Toolkit is a simple way to start improving your mental health. From video counselling sessions, to our MindFit Minutes series, to soothing soundscapes, the MindFit Toolkit will help you build the skills to cope with stress and anxiety better.

It’s Time to Tackle Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are on the rise in Canada, and the COVID-19 pandemic sure isn’t helping. To make matters worse, many men think seeking help is a sign of weakness. The truth is, ongoing stressors in our life can add up and become a more serious problem. That’s where the MindFit Toolkit comes in. You are never going to be immune to stress and anxiety, but you can equip yourself with tools and tips to help you handle whatever life throws at you.

Why is Mental Fitness Important?

Mental fitness is like a muscle — the more you work it, the stronger it gets. When it’s in good shape, mental fitness helps us think and act in positive ways that benefit our families, friends and communities. When it’s out of shape, however, even day-to-day molehills can feel like mountains.

MindFit Tools

Anxiety Screening Tool

Answer five simple questions to get an idea of where you stand when it comes to anxiety. Just remember that this validated self screening tool covers the most common symptoms of anxiety, and isn’t designed to make a full diagnosis.

Welcome to your OASIS Anxiety Assessment

How often do you feel anxious?

When you feel anxious, how intense or severe is your anxiety?

How often do you avoid situations, places, objects or activities because of anxiety or fear?

How much does anxiety or fear interfere with your ability to do the things you need to do at work, at school, or at home?

How much does anxiety or fear interfere with your social life and relationships?

Signs of Anxiety

Signs Anxiety is Becoming a Problem

Anxiety happens when your brain interprets something as threatening and unmanageable. It can affect your behaviour by preventing you from going to work or school, or from being social, active or interested in sex. When these warning signs start to pile up or become more intense, an anxiety disorder may be to blame.

  • Feeling stuck
  • Insomnia
  • Negative self-talk
  • Withdrawing from relationships
  • Binge drinking, overeating, and other unhealthy behaviours
  • Panic attacks
  • When it impacts the way you want to live your life

A man with a plan

TELUS Health MyCare counselling sessions are covered by most extended health plans. Check with your provider, book a video chat with a counsellor through the TELUS Health MyCare app, and talk your way to feeling better.

If you would like to speak with a counsellor in another language, please call the TELUS Clinical Operations Team at 1-855-577-8838 or email [email protected].

MindFit Minutes

Make MindFit Minutes Your Secret Weapon

Take a few minutes each day and learn how to take power over the present moment with our “7 days to Mental Fitness” audio routine. Our free audio exercises guided by CMHF Champions are as easy as taking deep breaths, or being grateful for the people in your life. No incense or yoga pants required!

MindFit Soundscapes

Sounds to Relax Your Busy Mind

Sit back and send stress packing with relaxing ambient sounds you won’t hear at a spa. From the hum of a distant lawnmower and the popping of pickle jars to the swoosh of a perfect golf swing, who knew that the sound of enjoyable activities could be so soothing?

Tips from a Counsellor

Lindsay Killam from TELUS Health MyCare

Lindsay Killam is a Lead Clinical Counsellor at TELUS Health MyCare™. She is one of the mental health experts that we regularly collaborate with to create informative and inspiring content on DontChangeMuch.ca. For more than two decades she has been inspiring men to live happier and healthier by guiding them through anxiety and depression, relationship conflicts, parenting issues, and all the other curveballs that life throws your way.
Health Tips

Feeling Stressed? Go Outside! Simple Tips to Reduce Stress

Did you know that being in nature for 20-minutes reduces stress? It sure does! Learn how and read more simple tips to reduce stress in your everyday life.

Health Tips

Anxiety as an Early Warning System

Anxiety is like an early warning system that can be used as a strength. However, it is also important to recognize when it has become a problem.

mf getactive
mf eat healthier
mf sleep better
mf stress less
mf drink less

Don’t Change Much Health Tips

Small steps, big benefits

Packed with reliable information and easy tips, our blog posts explore small lifestyle changes that add up to major improvements in your mental and physical health. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Do you need to talk to someone right now?

If you or someone you know may be struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can call the Canada Suicide Prevention Service at +1 (833) 456-4566 any time day or night, or chat online. In Quebec, you can call 1-866-277-3553.

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Dr. Melanie Badali

The content for the MindKit Toolkit was developed in partnership with Registered Psychologist Dr. Melanie Badali.

Subject Matter Expert - Dr. Melanie Badali

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  1. TELUS Health MyCare mental health counselling services are currently available only in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Users must be 16 years or older to access counselling appointments.
  2. TELUS Health MyCare mental health counselling services are currently available only in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Users must be 16 years or older to access counselling appointments. Counselling appointments require a payment of 120 dollars plus applicable taxes. Users under some employer-sponsored solutions will not pay a fee for the service. Any payments for appointments must be paid using a valid credit card. An in-app receipt will be provided for you to claim for reimbursement if applicable.
  3. Users under Canadian Men’s Health Foundation sponsored solutions will receive up to 3 appointments at no cost or a reduced fee of 95 dollars, and will be charged 120 dollars for each appointment after the fee reduction expires. Any payments for appointments must be paid using a valid payment card. After the appointment, a receipt will be provided in the appliction to claim this expense with your benefit provider if applicable. Reduced fee appointments must all be completed by December 31, 2022.