Transforming Men’s Health Attitudes

Transforming Men’s Health Attitudes  Every year, Men’s Health Week gives us the opportunity to raise awareness about preventable health problems and early detection measures for boys and men. Countless studies continue to show that health outcomes for men are substantially worse than for women. Many factors influence these outcomes, but an overarching contributing factor related […]

Healthy DUDES

Healthy DUDES Every Tuesday, Richard T., a peer facilitator, and the DUDES volunteers meet together at the Native Health Clinic in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, for what they call a ‘Think Tank’, to plan the menu and activities for the bi-weekly DUDES Club gathering that they organize for their peers. Richard and the volunteers identify as […]

Engaging Urban Aboriginal Men

Engaging Urban Aboriginal Men Men’s health is an issue for all communities, including the urban Aboriginal community. There is a significant gap in service delivery directed toward men and boys. White Buffalo has been working to not only include a gendered health approach to its programs but, also to raise awareness within the community and […]

We Need to Talk About Suicide Among Gay and Bisexual Men

We need to talk about suicide among gay and bisexual men For much of his life, it seemed to Greg* that he was not like most people. He was different. And he quickly learned that being different was not okay. He learned to hide his behaviors and desires. Greg is gay. And for many years […]

The Number 1 Thing Men Need to Know About the Number 1 Cancer in Men

The Number 1 Thing Men Need to Know About the Number 1 Cancer in Men Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. One in every eight Canadian men will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime. In 2016 alone, approximately 21,600 Canadian men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. This might be a […]

When You Meet Your Urologist

When You Meet Your Urologist Almost everyone, if they live long enough, will meet a urologist.  If your meeting is professional, you can rest assured that the Canadian urologist is internationally recognized as among the best trained and most skilled in the world. The best, brightest, and definitely most insightful medical students pick urology as […]

New Initiatives to Help Close the Gap in Men’s Health

New initiatives to help close the gap in men’s health When it comes to health and wellness as a whole, men simply aren’t as healthy as women. Out of the 15 leading causes of death, men outnumber women. Even if married, most men die five years before their wives. In Alberta, one in seven men […]

Better Starts Here

Depression is not a sign of weakness Depression is a real medical condition that can affect your body, thoughts and emotions, and behaviour. It affects millions of men every year, and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about depression that make it difficult for men to talk to others […]

A Revolution in Men’s Health

In the digital age, information abounds, accessible at the touch of a screen, button or key. But when you really think about it, how much of this information is relevant? Or, as I like to say, “what has the Information Age done for you lately?” That also got me thinking, “what’s important in my life?” […]

Men Are In Crisis

Men are in crisis Men are in crisis; they are dying by suicide in huge numbers but the general public remains largely unaware of the disturbing statistics. The victims are not stars or celebrities, nor are they necessarily members of more widely publicized at-risk-of-suicide groups like teens or the Indigenous community. But too many productive […]