June 28, 2022

Mental Health is A Team Game

The benefits of interaction with family, friends, and communities are tremendous for our overall health and wellbeing, so why are mental health challenges managed alone, especially by men?

Canada Soccer’s Head Coach, John Herdman joins host Dan Murphy to discuss his early experience with mental health and the difficult lessons he learned about awareness and the power of the mind.

Herdman shares that the pandemic proved to be the most difficult period of his career and how leaning into exercise and nutrition helped combat sleep debt and anxiety. His direct approach to conversations about mental health offers a powerful example of how acknowledging vulnerability, asking for help, and identifying personal challenges can affect positive change.

John Herdman led Canada Soccer’s Men’s Team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, Canada’s first berth in 36 years. He is the only Head Coach to qualify both men’s and women’s teams for the World Cup.

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