About Us

Inspiring men to live healthier.

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is a national, registered charity providing information, tools, and motivation for men and their families to live healthier.

Canadian men are dying at an alarming rate from chronic illness and leaving their loved ones behind. Yet, 70% of men’s health problems are preventable by living healthier. We can change this. Our families are at stake.

We intervene early by offering e-health resources that improve men’s quality of life today and reduce men’s risk for chronic diseases. We are a dedicated team of professionals continually measuring our impact and refining how we engage men. Backed by medical evidence, our methods are proven. We’ve had some success and are hungry for more.

We Believe

  • Health resources should be easy, relatable, and fun. Goodbye to boring, complicated health advice! We believe in making changes that help you feel better now and down the road—Changes that could add ten healthy years to the middle of your life.
  • You can be healthier without a complete overhaul to your lifestyle. It’s about small, slow, and continuous changes. Small changes become habits, and good habits become good health. We believe that with quality advice, accessible tools, and motivation, every guy can make changes to be healthier.
  • If we all pull together, we can create this change for our fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and friends—because healthier men mean stronger families and communities.

Our Initiatives

It takes time and work to become knowledgeable about men’s health. That’s why we go the extra mile for men. Whether that means consulting medical experts or conducting research, we uncover what men can do to improve their health. We then create resources to inform, motivate and guide them to better health.

Here are some of our initiatives creating healthier men.


Don’t Change Much

Forming a new healthy habit is hard work. It takes time to form, is an effort to sustain, and often comes with setbacks. We built Don’t Change Much to consistently inspire and support guys in making small, lasting changes that have a big impact on their health.

DontChangeMuch features health tips to lower stress, get active, eat healthier, sleep better, drink less, and quit smoking. With the option to have tips delivered to their inbox, we’re making it simple for guys to get healthy.

Men’s Health Check

Knowing where you stand is a step in the right direction. Surprisingly, 69% of men are unaware that, due to family history, they’re at higher risk for one or more chronic diseases. We built the Men’s Health Check, to fill guys in; to find out their risk for the 8 most common men’s diseases and conditions. The confidential online assessment also provides recommended health screenings and vaccinations and tips to kick-start their health.

Every Canadian man can benefit from completing the Men’s Health Check. 56,000 guys have, and there are millions of men in Canada, so we have a ways to go.

Get Involved

We are constantly adding to our health programming and assessment tools for Canadian men. Find out how you can help to fund and accelerate our work.

Meet Our Team

We have an incredible team and community behind us, helping to move our mission forward. Learn more about our team, champions, medical advisors, and the board.

Contact Us

For more information, email us at [email protected] or call us at 604-737-2990.