Dean's Story

Dean, a husband and father of three, finds balance with family, nature and being active.

Dean’s Story

Will Motivate You to Get Outside With Your Kids


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Finding balance in life with work, family, nature

Of Bart Simpson’s many great quotes, one stands out: “If it feels good, do it!”

For Dean, a husband and father of three, getting active outdoors is one of those things. Dean and his wife both work full-time jobs so they can provide for their kids — aged 18, 7 and 5 — maintain their Vancouver area home, save for retirement, and still have something left over for personal enjoyment. With so much on his plate, it’s easy to put feel-good activities on the back burner.

Alan Scholes with the kids for Canadian Men's Health Week
Alan Scholes and kids playing soccer at the park

That’s when Dean turns to the great outdoors. Running keeps him fit and focused, while exploring the woods with his family helps them connect. “Some of my biggest stresses involve the dynamics in our house. The kids can drive us crazy! You get caught up in that as a parent, so I’m fortunate my kids are at the age when I can take them outside to do things.

There’s a trail near our house where we go walking, and there’s a transformation that happens when we go outside. It’s ‘Oh look, a flower!’ instead of ‘He pinched me! He poked me first!’”

Time spent outdoors also helps Dean stay grounded. “I get most of my best ideas when I am outside. If I am ever stuck on a problem, whether it is work-related or personal, time outdoors usually helps me get to the solution. Nature breeds inspiration.”

As Bart says, “Enjoy it while you can!”

Alan Scholes with the kids for Canadian Men's Health Week

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