Testosterone Deficiency Guidelines

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation recognized a critical lack of information available for physicians and their patients on the very important and emerging topic of testosterone deficiency.

Led by Dr. Alvro Morales, CMHF Board Member and Emeritus Professor at Queen’s University in Kingston, Dr. Morales headed a multidisciplinary team of experts from across Canada and medical disciplines to produce the “Diagnosis and Management of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome in Men: Clinical Practice Guidelines.”

The CMHF sponsored guidelines will:

  • Help physicians to recognize the signs and symptoms of low testosterone and enable their patients to understand the risks and benefits of testosterone treatments, and in this way modulate their expectations.
  • Eliminate the controversy that has raged over the past decade on the use of testosterone replacement, particularly in aging males. Both physicians and patients are being confused by the cacophony of opinions that are being expressed by “experts” from many disciplines, medical and otherwise.
  • Clarify the confusion. Many of the recommendations are based on expert opinion and the guidelines will be updated in 3 – 4 years as further studies on testosterone deficiency are completed.

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