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Artificial Intelligence Tested to Improve Men’s Health

A 6 month test of the effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in helping nudge men forward to be more proactive about their health

Vancouver (May 29, 2017) — A New York high tech innovator and a Canadian not-for-profit health Foundation have teamed up to conduct a 6 month test of the effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in helping nudge men forward to be more proactive about their health.

‘Men are winning the bad health game’ said Wayne Hartrick, President of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF), whose mission is to inspire men to live healthier lives. ‘and since men are notoriously hard to motivate about health we have to try everything to get them, even if it’s artificial, he joked. A six month pilot test by NY based AdHawk will use machine learning, a form of AI, to decrease cost of conversion of people visiting to become subscribers of the weekly health tips provided by CMHF.

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation unique web based health campaign branded ‘Don’t Change Much’ is designed to motivate men to live healthier lives by providing easy tips, tools and content that are based in science and grounded by evidence.

AdHawk’s platform uses machine learning to analyze historical performance data, and uncover trends that are positively and negatively impacting performance of its clients digital advertising campaigns.

Sam Omidi, VP of digital said ’What is fascinating about this test is the potential of machine learning to constantly refine and optimize our marketing spend and channels to reach more guys with the same spend. We will be alerted in real time when AdHawk’s machine learning technology identifies trends in the effectiveness of multiple variations of our digital marketing, such as health tips and free e-books, across platforms and then make suggestions such as bid adjustments, budget allocations and keyword optimization.’

Daniel Pratt, co-founder and COO of AdHawk, said “campaign optimization driven by machine learning and data science is the future of digital advertising. It ensures that the right people are being targeted in the right places and times, always. CMHF’s mission to help men live healthier lives is inspiring, and we’re incredibly excited to help them achieve their digital advertising goals.”

The pilot test runs until October 2017 with a goal of acquiring 50,000 men to receive weekly health tips by email.


About the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation:

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is a national, not for profit organization established in 2014 by its visionary Dr. Larry Goldenberg and founding President Wayne Hartrick. The mission of CMHF is to inspire Canadian men to live healthier lives.

CMHF’s national men’s health campaign ‘Don’t Change Much’, is built around the concept that small steps become habit, and habit becomes a healthier lifestyle. The campaign’s aim is to build awareness of men’s health issues, change attitudes and then change behaviors to improve men’s overall health.

About AdHawk:

AdHawk is the easiest way to manage and optimize your digital advertising across Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Our reporting and optimization tools eliminate the confusion associated with digital advertising by aggregating all of your data into one beautiful dashboard and enabling 1-click optimizations. The days of pouring hours into spreadsheets are over.

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