April 11, 2017 • read

A Hat Trick for Men’s Health

There are two novel men’s health programs in “pilot testing” stage in Canada that are designed to attract men with the cachet of their local Western Hockey League junior hockey team.

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Our President, Wayne Hartrick attended one of the sessions of “Hat Trick,” a 12-week program created by the University of British Columbia (UBC) and delivered in partnership with the Kelowna Rockets. There are 20 men per group and all men must have a minimum of a “38 inch” waist.  As one participant quipped “my wife said, look you qualify and you didn’t have to do anything!” The men meet once weekly at the hockey club’s arena with their UBC mentors and get a few perks including a Fit Bit and a drop-in by the hockey club’s trainer. Wayne said “it’s inspiring to see so many guys looking to improve their health trying so hard and very keen to make a change in their lifestyles.”

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